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About Us

Buy for Good is an online store for social impact products made in Israel. All the products we sell are made by adults and children with disabilities or underprivileged communities in Israel through educational and vocational programs. We believe in encouraging talents, perseverance, and the human spirit. We cooperate with non-profit organizations that provide a suitable environment to nurture talents, build confidence, self-esteem and celebrate achievements. All our items are handcrafted by participants in various vocational programs in Israel. If you’re searching for a gift to complement your occasion, glance through our massive collection of amazing items. Your Purchase Advances to see beyond their disabilities. Help them acquire new skills and support our cause to see them live normally as equals, celebrate their accomplishment and connects you to Israel and Israeli causes at the same time.

Our Partners

Shekel Employment

SHEKEL Employment is about more than just livelihood. It’s about being a part of the community. Like everyone else, people with disabilities need meaningful challenging employment in order to advance, develop and integrate into the wider community as confident contributing members of Israeli society. SHEKEL’s wide-ranging vocational rehabilitation programs, allow some 700 people the opportunity to advance and realize their personal potential, through fulfilling meaningful work suited to their individual skills and abilities.


The Israeli Mental Health Association was established in 1978 to support people with psychiatric disabilities and their family members. Purchasing Enosh products helps increase employment opportunities and financial well-being to our workers. All proceeds from sales directly benefit the workers.


Almaz is an entrepreneurial project for empowering Ethiopian women and men in Israel. The project employs a staff of Ethiopian embroidery artisans. They keep the traditional Ethiopian art forms alive by creating embroidered works through the Almaz project in the city of Lod. The goal of the project is to preserve Ethiopian art, which is based on ancient ethnic embroideries that reflect traditional Ethiopian culture.

Akim Carmei Gil

AKIM “Carmei Gil” is a vocational center for people with mental and cognitive disabilities. Our goal is to train people to gain working skills so they can work outside of the vocational center in the free job market. We operate a few production divisions including ceramics, glass fusing, wood workshop, embroidery and gardening.  Carmei Gil is part of Akim, a national organization for people with intellectual disabilities and their families

Dror – beit Ha’Yotzer

‘Dror – Beit Ha’Yotzer’ is a fine arts studio and gallery for artists, who are affected by mental illness, designed to facilitate recovery and employment for 60 artists every year. In the Studio the artists can refine their professional abilities and develop work skills in a safe creative space that suits their needs, build their motivation and self-esteem, and establish career pathways.

‘Derech Haomanut’

‘Derech Haomanut’ is a nonprofit vocational training center that promotes individuals dealing with mental health issues in the community, by producing Israeli artwork. A personal rehabilitative plan is created for each individual that is adjusted to its needs and abilities through a work environment that allows daily and normative experience in order to help them return back to the free job market.  Every sale generates income for the artist and brings him closer to inclusion the free job market.


Erkuti is one of the enterprises of The “Shekulo Tov Group”, a nonprofit organization.
The group specializes in vocational rehabilitation: training, guidance and placement in the free labor market. “Shekulo Tov” vocational rehabilitation model facilitates work mobility by proposing a wide range of diverse Vocational learning and training opportunities along with supported employment services.


Ma’arag is a unique and singular initiative, relies on four major elements: Rehabilitative, Communal, Touristic and Occupational.  The enterprise encompasses a vocational workshops such as Multimedia workshop for people with severe disabilities & creative-decorative art workshops (ceramics, textile, carpentry, laser cutting and more), which runs by people with special needs on daily basis, who work & earn a living.  There are 90-100 adults  with special needs in Ma’arag: people with mental disabilities, autism, people who are emotionally injured and severe disabled. They are all residents of the Galilee, the northern periphery of Israel.

Shikum Acher

“Shikum Acher” was established in 2004 to advance work, studies, personal development and the integration of people coping with mental disabilities into competitive employment. For more than a decade, we have been working to promote social change and increase acceptance, awareness and equal opportunities in the employment of people coping with mental disabilities in the competitive job market.

Yofi Shel Matana

“Yofi! Shel Matana” (a wonderful gift) is an art workshop, which takes place in a rehabilitative working center for people who suffer from mental and other disabilities. Creating these products enables the exposure and the expression of our abilities, and creates equal social opportunities for us, and the appreciation and recognition that we are equal to all human beings. Purchase our products and take part in an important social project, whose purpose is the rehabilitation and the appreciation of our works.


ZOT.ZOT is a social enterprise, a printing studio for unique gifts. Every purchase form us, directly supports a social cause. The studio employs only former women inmates, that are changing their life around by occupational rehabilitation. In our studio they acquire professional training and skills, while providing you with high-quality beautiful products with added social value. ZOT.ZOT are part of Ze.Ze nonprofit.

Turning the Tables

Turning the Tables promotes economic advancement for women and teens exiting the cycle of prostitution and addiction, addressing main obstacles they face in their way to create a new life. We offer Vocational training in sewing, pattern making and in digital marketing, a Business hub for their own creations, Employment and a safe and homey space for social integration.


Center for the Arts “Shiluvim” (Hebrew for inclusion), is a vocational training center that provides employment to the population with special needs, cognitive disabilities and autism spectrum. The goals of the Center are rehabilitation, support, imparting skills and employment. The center is located in the kibbutz fields, in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to treatment and rehabilitation procedures. Workshops include: ceramic, paper mold, photography, wood, jewelry, textiles and gardening.

Youth of Light

The “Youth of Light” project is a work venture to support at risk students and is part of the Meitar Youth Center in Ashkelon.  Most of this project is within the framework of candle making, which is aimed at preparing the youth for meaningful employment in future life. The project founded in 2005 by Patrizio Paoletti Association for the Development and Communication in Israel. Since then Youth of Light has worked to encourage educational projects for the purpose of promoting dialogue and communication between people of different backgrounds.


ALEH is a warm, rehabilitative home to hundreds of children and young adults with severe multiple disabilities. ALEH believes that each person, regardless of level of disability, has the right to reach their potential and lead a productive life. These items are created by our residents during their therapeutic vocational workshops. In purchasing these items, you are helping to support our belief.

Ta’asion Natanya

Ta’asion Natanya is a vocation training center for people with intellectually developmental disability, activated by the municipality of Natanya and supervised by the ministry of social affairs. It’s a working and socializing environment for 220 people with disabilities and a team of designers and vocational instructors. The workshop produces ceramics and glass artwork sold in local and international markets.


Gvanim is a nonprofit organization which works to advance people dealing with mental disabilities by helping them to integrate into the community through creative work at a variety of workshops, such as arts and crafts, sewing, handling and packaging, ceramics and more. Our products are produced with love at the vocational centers of the Gvanim by people who are seeking an opportunity to be recognized and appreciated and to be able to live with respect among society.

Miftan Ha’Schahar

In our “Miftan Ha’Schahar” entrepreneurship and jewelry workshop, about 20 students learn — in addition to their regular studies — the principles and skills of jewelry craftsmanship. In the workshop they train, create, and are rewarded for their work. The purpose of the program is to assist our students in acquiring new skills, as well as aiding in their integration into the job market. These goals are met in a professional and supportive environment. The students work in two groups, “Ravid” and “Adi,” in which they design and create necklaces, bracelets, rings, keychains, and other products from silver, Alpaca, and other materials.

Beit Miriam

Ilan’s Beit Miriam, and its daycare center in Haifa, presents a unique model of a daycare rehabilitation center in Israel which places emphasis on occupational and social activities in order to improve the life quality of for seriously handicapped people. The center was built according to the highest standards, equipped that is adjusted to the needs of the disabled and includes rooms for treatment, occupational therapy, art and handicrafts, study rooms, and rooms for leisure activities. The center is intended for people with disability aged 18-55 from the northern region of Israel, who are recognized by the rehabilitation section of the Ministry of Welfare.