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Beit Miriam

Beit Miriam, named after the late Miriam (Marusia) Lowenstein, founder of ILAN and its daycare center in Haifa. The center presents a unique model of a daycare rehabilitation center in Israel which places emphasis on occupational and social activities in order to improve the life quality for people with severe physical disabilities. The center was built according to the highest standards, equipped that is adjusted to the needs of people with disabilities and includes rooms for treatment, occupational therapy, art and handicrafts, study rooms, and rooms for leisure activities. The center is intended for people with disability persons aged 18-55 from the northern region of Israel, who are recognized by the rehabilitation section of the Ministry of Welfare.


The range of disabilities of the people in the center vast and includes disabilities caused by cerebral palsy, muscular atrophy, multiple sclerosis, road accidents and others. Most of the individuals are confined to wheelchairs and need assistance in their daily activities. The center is open five days a week (Sunday to Thursday) from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Transportation to the center is provided by ILAN.

Beit Miriam Garden

The aim of the center today is to discover and develop the potential that exists in each individual by providing the appropriate conditions to prepare the individual to live an independent life as far as possible and to enable him or her to experience a variety of activities such as: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, alternative medicine treatment, computers, continuing education, rehabilitative cooking, woodwork workshops, artwork and painting, ceramics, and more.

Great emphasis is placed on extensive social activities, trips, and parties in cooperation with the wider community. The family climate contributes a warm genial homelike atmosphere to the people in the center and their families, to the staff, the volunteers and visitors.

Beit Miriam trip

The ILAN Haifa organization operates the activities at Beit Miriam. In addition, the center is accompanied by a steering committee which consists of representatives of the department of rehabilitation of the Ministry of Welfare, the rehabilitation department of the National Insurance Institution and the municipality of Haifa.

The center has a few art workshops in which the members create beautiful Judaica, Mezuzah cases, Seder plates, tableware, and ceramics. In order to include everybody in the workshops, sometimes engineers from nearby factories volunteer to develop unique tools for a specific person with a specific disability so everyone can give their share. These beautiful, handmade products can be ordered on BuyforGood.biz for holidays, birthdays or any other occasion. Beit Miriam also products items special events like wedding or Bar mitzva giveaways. They can even personalize Hamsa, a Jewish symbol for good fortune, for organizations or special events.

Ceramic plate in the making, with leafs taken from Beit Miriam garden


Decorative Hamsa, Home Blessing



The Income from the sale of these items goes to the members of Beit Miriam. This helps raise the morale, the self-confidence and the self-image of the members and enables them to feel part of the community and society as a whole. It also helps to fund special events and trips in special buses for people with wheelchairs.