//Dodo’s Animals

Dodo’s Animals

Dodo is a nickname for Ido, a young adult on the autistic spectrum who shares his captivating happiness with all who meet him. His love from an early age for animals led him to draw figures of animals, using simple lines. Colorful animals, smiling, with expressions of emotion and joy. On his twentieth birthday,  which was also the year of the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah of his brother Guy and his sister Dana, his parents decided to fulfill an old dream and establish a family business with social value, where Ido and his friends will be employed at the Beit Eyal hostel.


Ido and his friends work together at a vocational employment center where they assemble and package products based on Ido’s animal paintings. They produce a variety of products and gifts with Dodo’s Animals combined with messages of friendship, family, acceptance of the other, love, and optimism.

We hope to inspire parents of children with special needs to help their children to realize their talents and to turn them into stories of pride and success. Our message is to give children like Ido the freedom to be who they are, the way they were created, to see and appreciate the beauty and joy they spread to those around them. To see “Dodo’s Animals” products click here