//It’s always harder for the guy standing next to you

It’s always harder for the guy standing next to you

Like any other 18 year old Israeli I was enlisted into the IDF after high school and found myself in the paratroopers brigade. One of the known symbols for the hard and difficult training the IDF paratroopers go through is a 50 miles march in full gear to Jerusalem. Unsurprisingly even this march started with a much shorter march of 2 miles in the first week of rooky camp. I remember our officer gathering us all together before we started and told us a simple truth – If you are feeling great difficulty, if you feel you can’t continue and just want to sit down raise your head and look to the guy walking next to you and tell yourself, it’s much harder for him then me, and keep walking. Later during my army service when I was an officer I found myself telling the same thing to my soldiers. Twenty one years has passed since I heard this sentence and now it’s popped into my head again. After meeting with so many people dealing with different challenges, psychiatric disabilities, physical disabilities or social boundaries during my work on this website, I learned they all have one thing in common, none of them are willing to give up. They all want to be A productive part of society, wake up in the morning and leave their mark on the world via the product they are making. I see all these people from different places and backgrounds in Israel and I remember what my officer told me once, it’s much harder for the guy next to you, it’s much harder for someone that was born with a disability. And like in those nights on the hills surrounding Jerusalem it gives me the power to keep working on this website and I hope you will share this idea with me and help me empower some of Israel weakest communities.