Hand painted Mezuzah Case


Hand painted wood Mezuzah Case. Length - about  7" x 2" / 18cm x 5cm Available in 3 colors - Grey, Green and Purple, other colors might be available upon request. Delicately decorated with motifs for good fortune and blessing. Hand painted  by Artist with mental disabilities in Jerusalem vocational center, helping people with mental disabilities get back on their feet and into the free job market. Note: Mezuzah scroll not included, put-up with double-sided bonding tape (included) logo-studio
All production process, cutting, polishing, finishing and cleaning requires accurate and delicate work and it's all done by people with mental disabilities in "Derech Ha'Omanut" vocational center in Jerusalem, helping people with mental disabilities get back on their feet.
The center provides people with mental disabilities an environment that allows daily and normative experience in order to help them return back to the free job market.  Every sale generates income for the artist and brings him closer to inclusion in the free job market.
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