Ethiopian Love Chest


100% Hand made from clay Made by Ethiopian Jewish Artisan A great idea for a small wedding or wedding shower gift that everybody will talk about In the Ethiopian tradition, the chest is placed by a couple’s bed and serves as implicit communication between spouses. When the man wants to have sexual relations, he opens the lid of the chest. As long as relations are possible the chest stays open. If the woman is not interested in relations or unable to have them, she closes the chest.  If it worked for King Solomon and Queen of Sheaba, why not for you ?
The earnings from the sales of Almaz products allows the organization to support Ethiopian artist, women and men in Israel. To keep this traditional Ethiopian art forms alive. To create employment in community centers where men and women can create together embroidered works. The goal of the project is to preserve Ethiopian art, which is based on ancient ethnic embroideries that reflect traditional Ethiopian culture.
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