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Honey Candles


Handmade (with love) Honey scent Candles
Candle designed as it was glazed in honey releases sweet honey scent
Two sets available:
4 small “Piccolo” Honey candles – 1.8″ diameter x 2″ high / 4.5cm diameter x 5.5 cm high
2 medium Honey candles – 2.75″ diameter x 3.5″ high / 7 cm diameter x 9 cm high

“We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! Here is its fruit.”  Numbers 13:27
Add light to your holiday table and to the lives of At risk youth working hard to be a productive part of the Israeli society

Candles don’t contain any real honey, only scented wax.
***Keep away from children and from inflammable materials and don’t leave a burning candle unattended

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The people who made this product

The “Youth of Light” project is a work venture to support at risk students and is part of the Meitar Youth Center in Ashkelon.  Most of this project is within the framework of candle making, which is aimed at preparing the youth for meaningful employment in future life. The project founded in 2005 by Patrizio Paoletti Association for the Development and Communication in Israel. Since then Youth of Light has worked to encourage educational projects for the purpose of promoting dialogue and communication between people of different backgrounds.

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