Floral Ceramic Soap Holder


Handmade Ceramics soap dish with floral embossing The Soap dish is available in three colors - purple, blue and yellow Holes allow water to run off the soap holder. Floral embossing keeps your soap in place from sliding around. Little feet keep the dish lifted up. Each piece is made by hand and is slightly different in color and texture as clay is a natural material. Soap dish measurements are  5"x3.33" / 12.5cmx8.5cm Classic vintage supplement for any bathroom Produced by people with mental disabilities in "Gvanim" vocational center. The work in the vocational center give the working something to be proud in and they enjoy both the company of other people in the center as well as payment for the work they do
Gvanim is a nonprofit organization which works to advance people dealing with mental disabilities by helping them to integrate into the community through creative work at a variety of workshops, such as arts and crafts, sewing, handling and packaging, ceramics and more. Our products are produced with love at the vocational centers of the Gvanim by people who are seeking an opportunity to be recognized and appreciated and to be able to live with respect among society.
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