Ceramic Pot Pad / Pot Holder / Pot Coaster


Handmade Hot Pot Coaster Decorative colored embossing made by hand Bottom covered with crock Diameter - 7.5" / 19.5 cm Each and everyone of these coasters is handmade by an artist with mental disabilities. No two are 100% the same, please allow small variations. This Hot Pot Coaster makes a great gift for  family or friends Made by people with mental disabilities in “Gvanim” nonprofit vocational center
Gvanim is a nonprofit organization which works to advance people dealing with mental disabilities by helping them to integrate into the community through creative work at a variety of workshops, such as arts and crafts, sewing, handling and packaging, ceramics and more. Our products are produced with love at the vocational centers of the Gvanim by people who are seeking an opportunity to be recognized and appreciated and to be able to live with respect among society.
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