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The Impact

Light the world
"Youth of Light" is helping at risk youth develop skills such as commitment, self confidence and self-discipline while creating beautiful candles. Support their work by purchasing a candle and see how these candles can make the difference between a high school dropout and a high school graduate
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Trips and activities
The earnings from sales of Beit Miriam vocational center products are used to fund leisure activities to their community. Last year all the group spent 4 days in Eilat resort town, enjoying different activities like any other person. Purchase their product to help them fund more trips and activities.
Buy Beit Miriam Ceramics
Help Human Trafficking victims
The brave women working in “Kite.Pride” are human trafficking victims. “Kite.Pride” gives them a chance to turn their life around, they acquire working habits, gain self-respect and confidence and make an honest living. Give them a second wind and purchase these beautiful bags they are making
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To be moved by crafts
Ma’arag is a unique and singular initiative, relies on four major elements: Rehabilitative, Communal, Touristic and Occupational. There are 90-100 adults with special needs in Ma’arag: people with mental disabilities, autism, people who are emotionally injured and severe disabled, all working together
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Meet David Ashkenazi
David Ashkenazie is a 43 years old painter with down syndrome. two to three times a week he come to paint in "Al Geva" vocational center. Every purchase makes him proud and appreciate and also benefits him financially.
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Support asylum seekers
The act of sitting together in a supportive and understanding environment whilst making creations rooted in African culture is therapeutic and helps the women cope with their difficult realities. Kuchinate also allows women to earn money, and interact with the Israeli public.
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about Vocational Rehabilitation

Our partners vocational employment centers encourage people with different types of disabilities and from under-served communities to develop skills for entering vocational programs in correspondence with their talents and aspirations. They also provide opportunities for improving financial well-being and career development. These programs focus on providing people with disabilities holistic vocational frameworks suited to their individual abilities, with the aim of enabling each person to learn, gain experience and acquire/enhance personal skills that lead to fulfilment and realization of personal potential.

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