//Tu Bishvat – “Beteva” School

Tu Bishvat – “Beteva” School

Today we are celebrating “Tu BiShvat”, the Jewish tree festival. All over Israel children are planting trees today and we decided to share with you a picture taken in a Plant Nursery which is a part of a special school called “Beteva”. Today is “Tu BiShvat” so we want to talk about nurturing and growth but not of trees and plants, but of children with special need and we invite you to learn more about “Beteva” School.“Bateva” School Mainstreaming Program, a project which prepares children and youth diagnosed with complicated learning disabilities for successful independent integration into society. The school was founded on September 1st,  2009 by Mira and Benny De-Kalo on behalf of their child Ariel who was diagnosed with learning and functional disabilities.

Bateva School is an integrated special education school, preparing students with complex learning disabilities for independent living, with an emphasis on natural sciences, social studies and the arts. Their vision is for all graduates to become equal, active, and self-reliant contributors within society. Bateva pupils take part in an extensive mainstreaming program with nearby schools, enabling a reciprocal relationship to be established between the pupils of these institutions. Bateva also offers a wide range of therapy to its pupils, including drama therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and more, along with extracurricular activities such as cooking, gardening and a petting zoo. They have also launched a computer project, teaching students basic computer skills and computer animation.


The principles of our mainstreaming program are as follows: Mutual acquaintance with a diverse range of populations in the community, so as to enable the students to encounter pupils of normative schools, youth movements, pensioners, vulnerable populations and more; Reciprocity in the school’s relationship with the community, and developing the students’ ability to both give and receive. Our students serve as mentors of people with developmental disabilities and assist in their rehabilitative work. They take part in academic and enrichment activities conducted by nearby normative schools, and invite them to Bateva for activities on holidays, environmental issues and more; and care and preservation of the physical environment, by carrying out activity in cooperation with the Jewish National Fund for cleaning and rehabilitating forests, as well as gardening and animal care in the children’s immediate surroundings.

We wish the amazing team and kids of “Beteva” a year of growth and we hope they will all blossom like the beautiful plants they are growing.